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yoga. vinyasa.


Currently I'm offering a weekly friday morning practice at 10 am, Altes Finanzamt Neukölln.

Let’s create and experience a space where we can move and breathe a bit easier; rest a bit deeper and find support and empowerment for all bodies.

When & where?

Friday: 10.00-11.15 am, Altes Finanzamt, Schönstedtstr. 7, 12043 Berlin Neukölln

how much?

This class offer from now on (give me 3 months trail period)a wide sliding scale: 5-15€

No one is returned by lack of funding.

Please contribute with a genuine, honest payment I kindly ask professionals (Bodywork/Yoga/movement) to pay the middle/higher end of the scale. Especially Yoga teachers who will most likely let their teachings get influenced by the transmitted and shared knowledge. Thanks for your understanding. The lowest scale is ESPECIALLY meant for queer and/or PoC and/or otherwise marginalized/under-represented folks in yoga settings. I sincerely hope this practice will support your own healing and self-caring.


Altes Finanzamt is a queer feminist artist studio, that functions as a collective. "Altes" is a group of artists (filmmakers, writers, visual artists, photographers, musicians, thinkers).


What do you support in paying a donation/fee:

Paying a donation/compensation contributes to pay the rent (rents are constantly increasing and all artists studios are under high demand to resist gentrification) that every member of us, so also me, has to contribute monthly.

You also support my practice, teaching, my artistic inquiry, my wish and desire for community support and my own healing in being able to be part of that space.

In the unlikely event that these classes make a profit, 10-20% of the surplus goes directly into the fund of the collective for further maintance of the collective.


designed to provide a safe environment for people of all

shapes, sizes, genders and levels of experience.

questions? contact me*registration required

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Pictures: Nikolai Marcinowsk, Tatjana Mesar

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