class excerpt of MOVEMENT*ACTIVISM 

How is the political made manifest in dance?

​The classes create an immersion into the body’s architecture and aims to respect the body in its political aspects and in its diversity. The Axis Syllabus, often described as a trans-disciplinary toolbox, gets inspired by a queer-feminist perspective to consider our bodyminds entangled in a cultural/social context(s). Bodies can be understood as effects of discourse onto which social conventions and understandings are described, as well as sometimes bodies are described as natural, physical entities. Does a dance practice, offer us an object of research, to reflect, question and reinvent social, embodied norms?


With a daily writing practice that accompany our physical investigation we’ll ponder around our understanding of the body from an unchanging object to a series of multiple processes and unstable positions. 


What new stories do you want to tell about your body, identities, and experiences? What is a body? Can we create a space that embraces intimate, biographical questions of body, identity, gender and sexuality? What’s gender got to do with it?


Let's create a utopia in which vulnerability, empathy and consent can be discovered.



  • A movement*activism workshop for FLINT*people

  • rooted in Body-Mind-Centering,Improvisation,Axis Syllabus,Contact Improvisation and manual medicine

  • open for all levels of experiences

  • on pause during COVID pandemic


We (Diana Thielen and Vera Piechulla) will join our forces and host an empowering workshop for FLINT* 

We are inviting you to a space of self care and collective care, especially for those who consider themselves activists in diverse areas like (queer)- feminism, anti-racism or climate justice. As our struggles in a neoliberal world are entangled, we need time to be together and to think intersectionally.

We want to create a space where the investigation of biomechanics meets (queer-)feminism(s) and where anatomical and physiological facts meet intuitive body knowledge and body memory. We will focus on the pelvis as a structure that bears a lot of power, stories, attributions and emotions. We will discover the lived anatomy of the pelvis through movement, engaged discussions, different partner work, and self-exploration techniques, using anatomical models and drawings as a cartography for the landscapes of our bodies. We are taking our time to embody theoretical knowledge and to take it into our struggles as a foundation, a ground to come back to. We are dropping our consciousness to the level of our bones, muscles and skin, knowing what we are fighting for. Together we embrace our powers and stand up for what we believe in!

Note: There is no nudity or sexual practices involved in the workshop. You will not be asked to take of your clothes or touch each other intimately at any point! Working with the pelvis can be triggering, depending on your experiences. Talk to us if you are insecure whether this workshop is for you.

Please also check our websites for more info about us:




Space: Tanzfabrik Berlin


please contribute with a honest contribution. No one will be returned by lack on funding. The huge slidingscale aims to give space for marginalized folks in within predominantly white and/or cis and/or classists structures. Please also note that we, the facilitators, come from diverse background. Precarity and classicism are often hidden in the dance_somatics-community.

To bring: cozy clothes, notebook, some food to share in the break 

For binding registration please write to: oder


We are looking forward,


Diana and Vera