class excerpt of MOVEMENTACTIVISM 

How is the political made manifest in dance?

​The classes create an immersion into the body’s architecture and aims to respect the body in its political aspects and in its diversity. The Axis Syllabus, often described as a trans-disciplinary toolbox, gets inspired by a queer-feminist perspective to consider our bodyminds entangled in a cultural/social context(s). Bodies can be understood as effects of discourse onto which social conventions and understandings are described, as well as sometimes bodies are described as natural, physical entities. Does a dance practice, offer us an object of research, to reflect, question and reinvent social, embodied norms?


With a daily writing practice that accompany our physical investigation we’ll ponder around our understanding of the body from an unchanging object to a series of multiple processes and unstable positions. 


What new stories do you want to tell about your body, identities, and experiences? What is a body? Can we create a space that embraces intimate, biographical questions of body, identity, gender and sexuality? What’s gender got to do with it?


Let's create a utopia in which vulnerability, empathy and consent can be discovered.

EnQueery within -

Axis Syllabus in Contact Improvisation 

FLT*I* only: With this offering we aim to create a (queer-)women's, female identified, intersex, and trans centric space. Are you interested to delve into the Axis Syllabus and to dive deep into Contact Improvisation in this supportive bubble? Let’s explore intimacy, trust, the space and movements together. With our diverse bodies we’ll share weight, touch, contact and dances and pave the way for healing from heteronormativity and gender normativity in the dance world and beyond.

Next class with a following jam:  

December 1st, 2019

Urbanraum/ Urbanstraße 93, 1. Hinterhof, 10967 Berlin  


2.30-4.30 pm Class



5-6 pm Jam

Suggested donatio for the rent: 3 € +