the axis of asana-
a contemporary perspective
of the physical practises of yoga

Some comments:

Start with open feet, neither parallel nor closed together. While I am lifting up my arms, I am extending my hip joints and spine: allow yourself to lift up the heels if needed!

Forward bend with bend knees. While doing the Chatoranga pivit on your palms to internal rotate the upper am while lying down...Downward facing dog with bend knees and shifting the weight more towards the wrist (even more than I do!!  ) As you read that, you'll probably notice that I have to share quite a lot...maybe better to come to class and get in touch with me ;-)

... the beginning...


The spinal mechanics applied from the forward bend to downward facing dog, and back to the forward bend.

Yoga meets Axis Syllabus: a transition from a downward facing dog position to a lounge