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Vishnu Vardhani

I am Vishnu Vardhani Rajan- Body Philosopher. Born and Raised in Hyderabad in South of India. I identify with my city's characteristics. An islamic city in the Buddhist region of South India, India being a potpourri of different religions, languages, cultures and ethnical diversities. 

My only instrument is my Body.


Curiosity is my defining character. Religions, gods, metaphors, myths, rituals: my curiosities are as endless as the ever expanding human mind. I dance, I move, I yoga, I emote. I exercise an interpersonal and intra-personal intelligence. I'm gifted with bodily-kinesthetic and linguistic intelligence. I strive to improve spatial intelligence.


I wear my vulnerability as my strength.


My aspiration in life is to bring very essential lessons I learned: feminism, gender awareness, equality, racial inclusivity, especially to my immediate human entourage.

 My current mission is to keep my underground spirit even as I surface exposing myself.

Vishnu's article: "Sleep!- as a subversive practice?"

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