yoga. auf lebendige vinyasa art.



...goes home and online. Due to the current situation of corona, I am offering  yoga sessions, live and online. Please read all the info carefully. 

Currently I am able to offer classes for FREE. If you have the financial capacity, please donate to organsations that are supporting political and social justice education.

Classes, in german and english, take place wednesdays 6pm to 7.15 pm (until June 2) Each class will be recorded and is available here

The practice aims to support the day with moments to pause, to inquire, to breath and move with ease. Rather than understanding the asanas as a shape or a form to master, we will use the lens of the Axis Syllabus to discern the asanas in its fundamental principles. It might lead us to question and adapt well know yoga asanas, reconfigure daily performed body postures or explore and practice soothing movement patterns off the yoga mat.

I teach the practice with a body-positive perspective, as I wish to emphasize the importance of reconnection to our bodies. Can we reclaim our embodied experiences and finding a place of clarity and calmness?

I kindly ask you to register: 
7/10 or 12€

You can choose the amount, due to your income/ financial stability as well as your general accessibility to social, movement, yoga and dance settings.

Please join a few minutes before we'll start, usually it takes some minutes to adjust oneself to the technology. If you get disconnected, simply join back in with the same meeting code.

After entering, click join AUDIO and then use ( click again) device AUDIO. Please mute your mic once you entered the meeting. If you choose VIDEO, I will try my best to keep an eye on you, reacting also online to your needs. ( As I can see you)

Props that would be useful:
- a cushion, block or thick book to sit on and use for support
in various poses

Please let me know, via email to , about any special needs or desires you would like to share with me: How are you doing? How to you cope with this situation? Are you safe?

I will end the session after 75 minutes, with the option of staying some moments together for a check in//check out. (optional, please feel free to leave the meeting whenever you need to ♥)

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