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Matter of Urge-

a series of six short pieces, all of which seek to reveal hidden yet impatient emotions in the body


#1 Selbstgespräch_ongoing and always failing, courageous and never-ending attempt to reconcile me with my body.

#2 Radical Transparency_Dissolving. Failing through. Nothingness

I am in the process of finding my own improvising, performing body. My body, my movements are well articulated through many years of dance training, studying the Axis Syllabus, teaching and practicing yoga as well as having a running routine.

But what about my performing body? What about movements and desires that are sitting in my body? Pain, Pleasure, Lust, Fear... I am going to share that all with you.

The next volume of The urge to..., a shared performance evening at Altes Finanzamt, curated by Florence Freitag and me, Diana Thielen, is already planned. Stay tuned!

The urge to... is an evening of the (queer-)artist collective Altes Finanzamt. We invite you to an unique evening of (unfinished) performances, songs, storytellings and surprises! The collective is in an on-going process of transformation. Members leaving, new folks are arriving...and we warmly invite you to witness our chaotic, thoughtful, questioning, diverse and arty, sexy, earnest and witty evening.

We share the urge voice fly be listen

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